SPARK Global takes Australian Biomed Innovation to the world

As the course director for SPARK Sydney, Professor Wallach was invited to speak at the 4th Annual SPARK Global event held at Charité University Campus in Berlin.

The SPARK program, initiated by Stanford University, fosters think tank collaborations and research innovations between universities, clinicians and medical and biomedical industries 

Professor Wallach said, “The philosophy of SPARK Australia is to focus primarily on the benefit for the patient, and this has definitely contributed to the success of all of the projects participating in the program.”

Professor Wallach was joined by fellow translational scientists from across the world at the event to discuss SPARK Global’s work in bridging the gap between academia and industry in addressing global health challenges. The success of SPARK Sydney is attributed to the work Professor Wallach has put in to the program, and he discussed the methods he used to kick start the Sydney branch at the event.

“It has been very exciting seeing SPARK programs develop in Sydney [UTS, University of Sydney & Macquarie University], at Monash University starting last year and more recently at the University of Melbourne.

“Working closely with…Stanford University, School of Medicine to bring SPARK to Australia has been an amazing experience & a great honour for me,” Professor Wallach said.  

Professor Wallach is the Associate Head of School (Strategic Development) and was appointed the Inaugural Director of the Institute for the Biotechnology of Infectious Diseases (now the ithree institute) at UTS in 2002. His 25-year expertise in basic and applied molecular parasitology, combined with his ground-breaking studies into malaria and Leishmania, makes him a highly effective representative of the SPARK Sydney program.  

SPARK Sydney was launched in 2014 and is led by UTS in collaboration with the Kolling Institute and other universities such as the University of Sydney and Macquarie University. SPARK Sydney offers mentorship and seed funding opportunities in medical, diagnostics and therapeutics fields.

A new round of SPARK Sydney will be launched in November 2018 with collaboration between UTS, University of Sydney and Macquarie University.

For more information about this round of SPARK Sydney contact Dr Samira Aili.